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Here are some reasons you will like our app!

Time Efficient

You get personalized information to improve your health without you having to filter through various sources to find it

Creates Strategy

We create a personalized strategy to help you get quick results and maintain them in the long run


We are able to profile users into more than 56.000 categories and provide tailored information for your specific needs

Cost Efficient

You get a personal coach without the hefty pricetag


We keep you plugged in to  information from all around the world that could impact your specific situation


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We believe that investing in your health will benefit your career, relationships and contribution to the world.



Our mission is to provide practical and relevant health information to help people live longer, look and feel better and make a valuable contribution to the world


Leedo Daniel



Gerard van Beek



Sandra Muller

Content Creator


Bram Jonker



Here are our plans

Develop Concept

We spent the past 12 months developing our idea on paper while interviewing customers to better understand their pains and frustrations. This conceptual phase was about us creating a product that can actually improve peoples lives.

Test Minimal Viable Product

We are currently testing a small version of our app with some early adopters. In this phase we are throwing the things that add little value to our users out the window and replacing them with more value adding features.

Expand our Team

The next step is for us to expand our team as we prepare to launch in 2018. We’ll soon be networking to find a CFO to help us with fundraising. We’ll also be looking for a Community Manager with excellent social media skills to help us craft and communicate our message to grow our online presence.

Raise Capital

We want to raise capital with an angel investor this year. Our current estimate is that we will need to raise 300K Euro to fund a team to finish develop, market and provide support for Phitbot in our first year.


A soft launch is scheduled for the first half of 2018. The full version of our app will be available then for both IOS and Android. The soft launch will be on an invitation basis only, so be sure to register above to get invited!


This makes us special


We did not want our chat bot to sound too mechanical and rigid. Our team is spending a considerable amount of time to make the tone of our chat bot more friendly and appealing.


Our chat bot not only learns about the types of topics you like, it also adapts to your way of talking. This form of customization means that if you are are communicating formal, the bot responds in a more formal way.


Most chat bots are designed to handle queries and answer questions. Our chat bots are designed to understand your needs and create a program to increase your knowledge over a set amount of time.


With Phitbot users have the option to connect their fitness trackers to the chatbots. This way you can get specific coaching based on your activities. This option will not be available in the first release of Phitbot.


Phitbot tries to be intelligent and over time will be able to communicate on other interest you may have that is none health related.


What is Phitbot?

Phitbot is a health app that uses fictional characters (artificial intelligence) to chat with you. They provide you with fun facts, statistics and tips for living healthier.

Who uses Phitbot?

Phitbot is designed for anyone who wants to stay physically fit, increase their energy levels and improve their health.

Professionals with active lifestyles or high demanding jobs, athletes, students and parents will benefit from Phitbot.

Why use Phitbot?

A. Get daily access to practical health tips to incorporate in your life.

B. Understand the benefits of Nutrition, Exercise and Relaxing.

C. Get information on useful products and services that can improve your health.

D. Stay tuned to the latest cutting edge technologies around the world and how they can impact your lifestyle and health in the future.

Is Phitbot free?

Yes, the current version of Phitbot is free. In the future we will build a Pro version which you can purchase in the app store.

What’s next for us

A. We’re currently in the process of developing a beta.

B. In the second half of 2017 we’ll begin raising capital through angel investors or crowdfunding. This will allow us to work fulltime with a small team and deliver an awesome product.

C. After raising funds we’ll be looking for talented writers, front end developers, designers, data scientists and social media marketing experts to join our team.

D. We’ll launch a full version of Phitbot in the first half of 2018.


We would love to hear from you!